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We are just full of fantasies around here, and our beautiful sleepy fetish models love to pretend to be knocked out cold in any number of ways. Sometimes they pretend to slip a Mickey into each other's drinks, or sleepy gas will leave them limp so we can carry them around and play with their helpless sleepy bodies. Chloroform fantasy play is another big favorite around here as we engage in fantasy costume play.

Maybe you have a fetish for being a voyeur and watching secretly as a nurse comes home from work, exhausted after a long, hard day. You see her slip off her shoes and fall into a deep sleep on her bed in sexy lingerie, or even nude!

Other times we have more physical scenes of two girls foot fighting or boxing and having a big KO where the winner gets to do what she wants with her unconscious trophy.

We've got hundreds of well-lit hi-resolution photosets in our members area for you to enjoy with your membership privileges. Custom sleepy photo sets and videos are also available.

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'The Stalker in the Closet'
The Stalker in the Closet
86 photos
starring Charles, Kaylee Love & Tristen Dayne
photography by Alternate Reality

Welcome to SleepyGirls!
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