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Do you like feet, but love them when they belong to a woman that is both gorgeous and unconscious?

We love sleepy fantasy role play focusing on beautiful, high-arched, bare feet. How do they ladies go to sleep? Well, we're pretty good at making up scenarios for your fetish entertainment. It could be sleepy gas, or a good scare might cause a girl to faint. Maybe it's a bonk on the head that causes the KO, or drugs in the drink which makes our dreamgirls fall so deeply asleep so we can play with their sleepy feet! We drag them, we carry them, we pose them, and undress them.

It's sexy. It's erotic. And there are no shoes involved!

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'Homecare Reflexologist'
Homecare Reflexologist
101 photos
starring Zeyda J & Franco Burbanzo
photography by Alternate Reality

Welcome to Barefoot SleepyGirls!
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